The Best Artificial Putting Greens

The Best Artificial Putting Greens

When it comes to artificial putting greens, there’s a lot of different ways they can be built. From the base to the turf products used to the equipment used to build it, it’s something that could definitely look completely different depending on who built it for you. The way it is built can also dramatically change the playability and functionality of the putting green as well. Artificial putting greens are still a relatively new industry, so a lot of installers today don’t have proper training. It’s not an industry where you learned it from your dad. It’s an industry you can only truly know and understand through experience. With over 21 years of experience in the installation of artificial putting greens, we gained the knowledge and skill set to build a professional golf green. We consider our artificial putting greens to be one of the best artificial putting greens you could have because we’ve pretty much seen it all.


For us, it all starts with the preparation work and area you’re building on. Without the proper base and amount of base, your putting green will be unleveled and will begin to get lumpy. It’s important your putting green can properly drain as well when it rains, so having the best type of base under your green is very important.


Once the area is ready to build on, the materials used to build the green are just as important for the longevity and functionality of the green. The best way to build a long-lasting, truly useable green is to use American made artificial turf products that won’t turn blue, fall apart or mat down easily like imported products will. For us, it’s all about the sand-filled greens. They make for a better, truer ball roll and a better surface to put on. With a sand-filled green, you can also control the speed of the green. It makes for a more accurate green to practice on. Using a green sand for the infill of a sand-filled green is also better than using any other type of infill on the putting surface because it both keep the putting green looking green and it will also give the turf better resilience. The amount of green infill used per square feet can also determine the playability and resilience of the turf too.


It’s all in the details for us. The design of a putting green could make or break its functionality. You want to be able to make shots that are actually possible, and you want it to look like a real green would. If the cups and flags are placed wrong on the green, you won’t be able to really use it. If the green is cut horribly and there’s barely any fringe, it won’t look good. The craftsmanship of building a professional golf green only comes with experience and knowledge.

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