PGA Approved Putting Greens

Here at ProLawn Turf, we specialize in providing the finest artificial turf systems available today. ProLawn turf is 100% recyclable, making it the “greenest” choice wherever you want the look and feel of natural grass. While real grass may be less expensive to install than fake grass, natural grass lawns are an expense that never ends. Once your artificial turf is installed, it actually starts saving you money. A natural grass lawn or putting green requires daily watering as well as near-constant trimming, edging and mowing. Natural grass is prone to divots and bare spots which must be patched regularly in order to maintain its good appearance.

When you have a ProLawn green installed, all you ever have to do is remove leaves and other debris with a lawn rake or bristle broom. This simple action will restore any bent blades to their upright position and keep your turf looking new and natural. If your artificial turf ever starts to look faded, rinse it off with a garden hose to remove dust and restore your green’s lovely grass color.

Whether you install your own backyard golf area or have one of our installers do it for you, we guarantee you will be delighted with your new personal putting green or fine expanse of artificial lawn. Artificial turf is the ideal choice for play areas, pool surrounds, pet zones and anywhere else you want the appearance of natural grass minus the maintenance. ProLawn artificial turf will look good for decades and save you thousands of dollars in water over its lifetime. A ProLawn backyard golf area will provide year-round fun and enjoyment.

Los Angeles CA Synthetic Golf Course

Here’s a testimonial letter from a PGA Golfer:

“ProLawn was a pleasure to work with, from the initial consultation and design help to the quality of the finished product, we were very pleased. A year later the Project looks as good as the day it was installed. Your staff was easy to communicate and work with and I would recommend ProLawn to anyone considering going to artificial turf!”

Mr. Ford