Artificial Grass for Homes

If you are wondering if there is another option out there, you will be pleased to know that residential artificial grass is available to you. With the help of ProLawn Turf, your new residential artificial grass will leave you speechless. Your fake lawn will look so real, you will think it is until you touch it.

If you are in need of fake grass, then you have come to the right place. At ProLawn Turf, we sell the highest quality residential artificial grass. We use only the highest quality materials to make the best and greenest residential artificial grass you can buy. Our fake grass can replace your front lawn and unless you feel the turf, you will not believe that it is artificial from afar. In addition, the money that you will save in a year from not paying for your lawn upkeep will pay for your new fake lawn! It actually pays to replace your real lawn with one of our professional artificial turfs.

Why trust ProLawn Turf over all the other makers of fake grass? Because we have been replacing real grass with our own residential artificial grass for over 20 years. We shop all across town for the best raw materials for your fake lawn. We are always searching for new techniques and the best way of producing the highest quality fake grass. The principals of ProLawn Turf are to constantly evaluate synthetic turf products to ensure that all turf products are the longest lasting, most technologically advanced artificial grass solutions available today.

ProLawn Turf’s synthetic turf systems have a unique drainage quality that makes it ideal for pet owners. By eliminating the dirt and mud found in every natural lawn, residential artificial grass keeps the dirt and mud off your pet and ultimately out of your home. The porous nature of ProLawn Turf’s fake lawn allows pet urine to drain through to the ground beneath without staining the fibers and eliminating 80% of the odor. Similarly, pet feces can be scooped as usual and the remainder washed off with a hose. Your residential artificial grass can be installed by yourself if inclined to do so. Give ProLawn Turf a call at 877-405-5296 with any questions you may have.

ProLawn Close Up of Artificial Turf in Murrieta CA

Here’s a testimonial letter from a home owner:

I wish I could speak to your prospective clients for many reasons, and please pass this along to them somehow if you wish… The main point I would like to make is how pleased we are with your product and SERVICE. I typically am the one at a restaurant who is rarely pleased due to some level of higher standards embedded into me. From the moment you arrived at my house with your crew, I knew I was going to be quiet with nothing to complain about. As mentioned before, everyone had a job to do and they did it flawlessly. Several months after the install, I called ProLawn and had a question about the product. One of the owners came out that afternoon with a helper just in case he needed to do some maintenance. Not the following week, the very same day! This is proof that long after the money is received and deposited, your company lives by your promise of totally satisfying the customer. It clearly separates you from the competition. Please add me to your long list of satisfied customers and use my testimonial in any way you feel. Great Job, Great Product and GREAT SERVICE. I also ask everyone to do the same!

Ron Mele
Murrieta, CA