CA Professional Golf Green Installs by ProLawn

The Best Artificial Putting Greens

The Best Artificial Putting Greens When it comes to artificial putting greens, there’s a lot of different ways they can be built. From the base to the turf products used to the equipment used to build it, it’s something that could definitely look completely different depending on who built it for you. The way it…

Wildomar Artificial Turf and Putting Green Installation Company ProLawn

We’ve Moved

We’ve Moved! With a growing business comes the need for more space. ProLawn Turf is always looking to grow, so a bigger, better space has become necessary. We were tucked away and hidden before at our old location in Temecula. We want to be seen more, so we’ve moved to a new building. The new…

Southern California Artificial Turf Installation by ProLawn

Artificial Turf for Fall

Artificial Turf for Fall Fall is almost here, so what better way to celebrate than with some new, green artificial turf? The first official day of fall is September 22, 2018 this year. Unlike other states, California’s fall still feels like summer. Just because it’s fall, that doesn’t mean your dead grass is going to…

Southern California Outdoor Putting Green Installation by ProLawn

Your Own Outdoor Putting Green

Your Own Outdoor Putting Green August is National Golf Month, so what better way to celebrate than by playing some golf? What if you could practice and play in your own backyard? It’s possible. You could play everyday in your own backyard in honor of National Golf Month… and everyday after that as well. Have…