Fake Grass in San Marcos Can Save Big Money!

The city of San Marcos is located in North Country San Diego and is home to California State University, San Marcos.  This So-Cal town of roughly 80,000 is bordered by Encinitas, Vista and Escondido.  This particular area of California is known for its beautiful views, quiet neighborhoods and expert landscaping. Southern California property values have taken a hit in recent years due to the economic down turn.  One of the best ways to maintain property value in this competitive market is by getting fake grass in San Marcos.

Fake grass will leave your property looking flawless year round.  Of course saving money is always important, and fake grass will help you save on water bills and maintenance, but most importantly it will help you lead the charge in water conservation efforts.  It really is possible to have the best looking property in town and be saving water while you do it!  Prolawn is one of California’s leading authorities when it comes to artificial turfs.  There revolutionary contributions to the industry have helped create the ‘greenest’ lawns the world has ever seen.  Your new fake grass in San Marcos will be 100 percent recyclable!  Prolawn’s new grasses are not made using hard to recycle materials like polyurethane, latex and nylon.  Prolawn has dedicated many hours to developing turf that uses a polyolefin base, making it more recyclable than any other fake grass on the market!  Those pesky and messy rubber-crumb filled systems are no longer in use thanks to Prolawn’s ingenuity and hard work.  The little town of San Marcos can now conserve water and use recyclable products while saving money. Fake grass in San Marcos will let your neighbors and fellow San Diego residents know that you care about the environment and looking good.

Trusting Prolawn and their patented TUFFSPINE technology means you are going to have the best looking and most affordable landscaping in the area.  For over a decade Southern Californian’s have been calling the expert and experienced team of grass designers and installers at Prolawn for all their fake grass needs.  Your fake grass in San Marcos will be top-of-the-line.  You can even work with the Prolawn team to develop and design a fake grass project that will fit any size front or backyard you might own.  Your new lawn is totally customizable and will require no watering at all.  It’s time to save money, water and the environment.  Get your fake grass in San Marcos and get the water conservation wheels rolling!

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