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The Difference in Quality Artificial Turf

When looking for artificial turf for your yard, the temptations of getting the cheapest priced turf might be overpowering in your decision-making process, but will only hurt you in the long run and will make you regret your decision. The difference in quality artificial turf is night and day. After 20 years of experience in the artificial turf industry, we know the importance of quality artificial turf and installation. We can now say we know how an artificial turf installation will look after 5, 10 and 20 years. Not a lot of companies can say that or have that type of knowledge, especially in Southern California. Due to the California drought, many artificial turf companies arose over the past years, but didn’t make quality a priority. Instead, many companies focused on the cheapest prices, which means the cheapest products of turf. Imported artificial turf products are used quite often today, but they’re the lowest in quality of artificial turf. Chances are that American manufactured artificial turf products will last longer and be of higher quality. We want to be the company that the people can rely on to get the quality they deserve for their homes they worked hard for to buy. When it comes to your home, quality definitely matters.
When going with a poor quality artificial turf product, this means your turf won’t last as long as a higher quality artificial turf product. This results in you having to replace your turf once again, which could easily end up being more than what you were quoted on for the better-quality turf originally. Having to replace your artificial turf once again or spend tons of money on maintenance just defeats the purpose of getting artificial turf in the first place. Artificial turf is supposed to save you money, time and water. Installing poorer quality artificial turf might seem like the better choice for a couple years, but you’ll soon realize that you just purchased a turf that’s equivalent to real grass once again. Poor quality artificial turf is not durable and will soon fall apart. If you have pets, they will soon completely ruin the poor quality artificial grass and will make it smell HORRIBLE if the backing isn’t 100% permeable. Higher quality artificial turf will last longer (ours has lasted 20 years so far) and will require less maintenance. Less maintenance means more money and time saved. Unlike with poor quality artificial turf, you’ll also spend less money on repairs. With high quality artificial turf, repairs are very rare and are usually caused by things that have nothing to do with the turf itself, but by a third-party object instead. Our premium quality artificial grass is durable, 100% recyclable, has a 100% permeable backing system for pets, has heat reduction technology to help with the heat and has no shine. All these features make our artificial turf superior to our competitors. We believe if it’s your home, you deserve nothing but the best products and services.
Not only does quality artificial turf last longer, but it also looks more realistic. No one really wants that shiny, confetti looking, one colored artificial turf that looks completely fake. You want the artificial turf to look as realistic as possible, while getting all the benefits to getting artificial turf in the first place too. Not only will your HOA and city approve higher quality artificial turf products over poorer quality artificial turf, but your neighbors will appreciate it too. Having multiple colored thatching, no shine and different cuts to the grass strands will make the artificial grass look more realistic. You will not find these features on a cheap, poor quality artificial turf product. It costs more to make quality products, so companies that only care about making the biggest profit will sell poor, cheap quality artificial turf for more than it’s worth and will call it “professional” turf when it’s not in reality to avoid spending money on manufacturing a better product.
We could go on and on about why quality matters when it comes to artificial turf, but the number one reason should be because you deserve the best for the home you worked so hard for to buy. Why ruin a home with cheap, ugly, poor quality artificial turf? Quality matters when it comes to enhancing the look of your home. Don’t regret your decision. Give us a call at 877.405.5296 for a free estimate!

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