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The Artificial Turf Revolution and Prolawn

Every once and awhile we see an advance in technology that will change the way certain things are done.  The artificial turf business will never be the same now that Revolution is here!  This groundbreaking new turf fiber is the best of the best and will change the way people perceive turf laws forever.  Revolution has just christened its new plant into operation in Germany.  This is the beginning of the ‘new age’ of artificial turf. 

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Affordable Artificial Grass in Wildomar

The vote is in. San Diego County has decided that one of the best ways to save water and to maintain your yard work is by having ProLawn artificial grass installed. Artificial turfs were first introduced into the professional sports market in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The industry has since witnessed nearly exponential growth in the market with the advent of new technological breakthroughs involving materials used and design. It has never been more affordable to get artificial grass in Wildomar. Companies like ProLawn have made it their responsibility to ensure that Southern Californians have access to this amazing and affordable ‘green’ technology.